Hero’s Journey 2 Day 58: Supercharged!

Day 58: You are unstoppable!

Jumping lunges drain the battery.

Last time I was here, I only made it through two and a half sets of jumping lunges until I fell back to regular lunges. This time, I got through seven sets. My legs have a lot more endurance than they did last time, but it was still rough. By the third set I was shakey, and I’m guessing my form in the rest of the sets was pretty terrible, but I got through them.

Bonus quest is 3000 punches, I could do them today but I’m worried about saving strength for the last two days coming up. I failed them pretty hard last time, and I’m worried about not being able to complete them again. Maybe 3rd time through I’ll do that bonus quest.

20 high knees
20 jumping lunges
20 front kicks
20 slow climbers
20 alt arm / leg raises
20 knife hand strikes
Sets: 7
Level: II
Score: 200