Hero’s Journey 2 Day 59: Bodyguard Fight

Day 59: Strip the Boss of his protection.

I hate jumping squats too.

Did 15 pushups, as that’s my norm now. Possibly could’ve done more, but wasn’t sure about how that’d mix with the shoulder taps and thigh taps.

I did the squats and jumping squats, but only had enough time to do five sets. I got up early enough, but I just took too long doing everything, breaks to catch my breath. BUT, the good news is the final day tomorrow July 4th, which I have off work, so I’ll have all the time in the world to wreck myself with jumping exercises.

I only did Level I, but I did all the exercises whereas I cheated last time, soo… progress?

15 pushups
20 shoulder taps
20 thigh taps
20 squats
20 side chops
20 jump squats
Sets: 5
Level: 1
Score: 100