Hero’s Journey 2 Day 60: Boss Fight

Day 60: Polish your armor and braid your hair. You are ready. You have been training for this moment. Charge ahead and give it your all!

Jump around. Jump around.

Jumping lunges and jumping squats in the same day. Last time I didn’t even try any of the jumping. My hope this time is to do seven full sets, but don’t know how many I’ll get out.

Legs hurt pretty bad after the first set, thought to myself, “No way I’m getting seven sets, don’t know if I can do five.” I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m still amazed at my increased ability to push through soreness and just do more. Next couple of sets weren’t much more of a problem than the first one was, despite the feeling.

Sixth set was where I started really feeling like my legs might give out and I’d fall over, but I didn’t.

Seventh set was SAD. I was shaky, I think the jumps were more from me throwing my arms up in the air and willing my body do defy gravity, rather than actually pushing off with my legs. I had to take a few seconds to stabilize myself after the 17th jumping lunge, but I got through all of them.

So I successfully did all seven sets. My legs aren’t sore so much as they’re weak and TIGHT. My legs feel SO TIGHT, more than they ever have in the 4 months I’ve been doing these workouts. I’ll be making a point to stretch throughout the day, in fear of how my legs are going to be the next couple of days.

The karma for doing Level II today (I guess there were technically no levels, this is Karma for “6-8 sets”) is:

It is a draw. It has been a real struggle getting here, but you can take it. Don’t give up now. Pick yourself up and fight another day. You have another chance to settle the score.

So, an improvement over last time where I couldn’t even get UP to the “Ha ha you suck” level. But I did cheat a little bit – I re-arranged the exercises, which I’m not sure if it’s officially allowed. Instead of doing jumping lunge, then jumping jacks, then jumping squats, I put punches and side chops in between the jumping jacks and squats. I still did all the exercises, just gave my legs a few extra seconds of recovery time between the lunges and the squats.

I’ll add all the points and write up a summary again tomorrow, for now I go collapse on the floor and pet a kitty.

20 jumping lunges
40 jumping jacks
20 jumping squats
40 punches
40 side chops
20 infinity chops
7 Sets
Score: 700