Chromy is a plugin for Launchy that adds support for the Chrome web browser.


It indexes Chrome bookmarks, and also loads custom search engines from Chrome.


Download Chromy

Browse source at GitHub

  • Zonofzin

    Nice plugin: does exactly what I wanted on my Windows machines. How do I get it working on Mac OS X?

    • derek

      download Alfred instead

      • Juan

        Alfred does not index Chrome bookmarks 🙁 Only Safari. Alfred has thousands of more features than Launchy, but I stiiiiilll prefer Launchy for this one Chromy thing. So, you have to manually create alfred bookmarks, and Alfred doesn’t give you the website icon (favicon) as Launchy does. Sad….

    • Qua

      Don’t listen to derek, Launchy is awesome sauce.

  • jurpaw

    thanks man!!!

  • ParanoidAndroid

    This is awesome!… but is there a way for this to launch in Chrome when Chrome isn’t the default browser?

    • ParanoidAndroid

      Also, Chromy isn’t recognizing my custom search engines in Chrome. Perhaps I’ve missed a step… can you please elaborate further on how it’s supposed to work?


      • Beanalby

        There shouldn’t be any other config necessary. I’ll work on getting a build with some logging so we can see what it is/isn’t doing.

        • TheNobleDuke

          I’m also not seeing my custom search engines anymore. Haven’t changed Launchy at all, so I’m wondering if Chrome is storing them differently?

    • Beanalby

      Can’t force it to launch in Chrome at the moment, it launches via the standard Launchy method of “do this URL”.

  • jacob lindberg

    Question not answered in Launchy forums, How do I move files quickly with launchy. Thanks.

  • Qua

    I can’t wait to try it! Thank you 🙂

  • Bryan

    Thanks this is great!!

  • Jonathan

    I just want only the custom search engine function.
    Is there an option to choose to only index bookmarks or only load custom search engines?

  • Christian

    Nice! Is it possible to take folder names for bookmarks into account? And also different order of words. So typing: “exercise knee” would bring up a bookmark entitled “Knee Exercise”

    • Beanalby

      No, it indexes the bookmark names directly. This is about how Launchy matches the content, rather than Chromy finding it. I will say that typing just “exercise” will match “knee exercise”, but the words do have to be in the same order.

  • Kimberly Bryan

    Hey, love the plugin, but as of this morning it will crash when I try to open a site (ie facebook.)

  • npeixoto

    I must say… congrats! Job well done!

  • TheNobleDuke

    Been loving Chromy for a while, but all the sudden it’s stopped working on one of my machines; tried reinstalling chromy, launchy, etc. with no joy. Any logs I can check or other ideas? Thanks!

    • TheNobleDuke

      Fished my wish – Chrome tried to update but left the old executable behind. Once I deleted it, Chromy began to work like a charm.

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  • FlowLikeH2O

    Is there anyway to get it to open a current tab rather than open a new one? The custom search engine feature has been amazing.

  • Dan

    With Chromy, Launchy crashes when launching chrome bookmarks on my new Win 8 machine. It might be related to Chrome changes, as it crashed when I first installed it, then a day later it stopped crashing. But now, a few weeks later, it’s crashing again. Only happens on Chrome favorites, nothing else.

    • Foogly84

      I am seeing the same thing. It appears that rebuilding the catalog fixes it for a short time.

      • Foogly84

        Another note is that I am seeing it on Windows 7.

    • Kevin Stevens

      I’m also seeing this on Windows 8.1

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  • David

    This is Great – never had the will to dive back into c++ to write it myself so Thanks!
    Just some help in case someone runs into the same issue i ran into:
    If you add a custom search engine, and want it to get indexed, you’ll have to delete the chromy.tmp.db file and reindex the catalog or it won’t get picked up by chromy.
    The file’s located under the chrome user data folder (windows) e.g.
    C:UsersAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault

    Hope this helps anyone

  • Brett Baker

    I am on Windows 7 64bit. Love Launchy, it does exactly what it was made to do and does it perfectly. Your CHROMY plugin is fabulous. The only issue I have with it, is every system re-boot, I have to re-scan the catalog (launchy + F5) or Launchy will crash when directed to a CHROME favorite. This happens to me without fail. If anyone can shed some light on this issue, I would really appreciate it.

  • Ariel

    great job! thank you

  • Wookyung Lee

    Hi, I’m a lanunchy user from Korea(Far East). I searched and found your really good plug-in. I really appreciate you first.
    But I have a suggest for you. The Chromy plug-in works for every English bookmars. but It doesn’t for Korean or Japanese bookmarks.
    I think the plug-in needs ‘UTF-8’ language setttings. Can you make it for Asian people?

  • Alexander Hofmeister

    Awesome! I just found out, that I have to press TAB after typing my bookmark…..

  • seniorsamu

    Hi. This works awesome. Just one problem though. My bookmarks have accented characters and they are not recognized.

  • James

    Late to the party but is there any way to get chromy to use the browser icon for the page it’s finding rather than just having chrome for everything?