Ludum Dare, day 1

The topic has been announced as “Tiny World”. After a few hours of brainstorming & banging, the result I have to show for it are:

A jagged blue sphere. That’s it. But I have ideas.

I’m thinking about making a 2D shooter. You’re controlling / you’re part of / you are a tiny planet, defending yourselves against larger threats. You’ll move your tiny planet around the screen, firing your defenses, avoiding threats, etc.

In my mind, the key idea for this will be control, & feel. You’re not controlling a ship, you’re controlling a planet and I want it to feel like a planet. Control is the difference between lunging your planet across the vastness of space, and pressing a button to move a tiny blue ball across the screen.

I’m going to be doing timelapse screen captures to put together a final video when I’m done, but I managed to screw up starting Chronolapse during the first few hours, so I didn’t get all that. I should have everything else, though, and it should make a nice video.