Things are progressing quite well; the basic gameplay is in place, got sound and some basic particle effects, and I’ve got it working with two different planets. I’ve just figured out the overall story hook I’m going to implemented, I definitely look forward to polishing up & submitting this tomorrow!

My tiny worlds are getting some tiny buildings…

Modeling is going about as well as I could hope, need to make a few more sample objects before getting into the guts of the engine.

The topic has been announced as “Tiny World”. After a few hours of brainstorming & banging, the result I have to show for it are:

A jagged blue sphere. That’s it. But I have ideas.

I’m thinking about making a 2D shooter. You’re controlling / you’re part of / you are a tiny planet, defending yourselves against larger threats. You’ll move your tiny planet around the screen, firing your defenses, avoiding threats, etc.

In my mind, the key idea for this will be control, & feel. You’re not controlling a ship, you’re controlling a planet and I want it to feel like a planet. Control is the difference between lunging your planet across the vastness of space, and pressing a button to move a tiny blue ball across the screen.

I’m going to be doing timelapse screen captures to put together a final video when I’m done, but I managed to screw up starting Chronolapse during the first few hours, so I didn’t get all that. I should have everything else, though, and it should make a nice video.

I’ve decided to participate in Ludum Dare Game Competition! A theme is announced Friday @ 10pm, and people have 48 hours to make any game they want. I have no delusions of winning the competition, but I look forward to inspiration from the topic and a weekend of crunching.

It’s gotten me to find some new toys to play with!

  • SFXR is a tool for generating sound effects. I LOVE the pre-programmed groups of sound effects with the “mutate” button to subtly change them for variations.
  • Musagi is a music creation tool from the same awesome guy as SFXR, looks VERY capable. I honestly don’t think I’ll have time to familiarize myself with it and actually make some music for Ludum Dare, but I really look forward to playing with it in the future.
  • Pyxl Edit is a drawing application for making pixel art. Again, doubt I’ll be able to learn it in time, but it looks sexy.

I’ll definitely be using Unity, GIMP, and Blender in the competition, and I’ll make updates here on my progress (and the final product).